Dhasdæ Workshop in London


The trinity of the self

A Self Empowerment Workshop by Judit Yague

Let me tell first you about my own journey

Since I was a child I have always been very sensitive to subtle energies which, together with some events in my childhood, didn’t make my life at home or at school very easy. From an early age, I started an internal journey working with my emotions, mind patterns and belief systems that didn’t allow me to live up my life to my full potential.

Every time we work in a deeper layer of our self, we integrate and learn something new that allows our internal light to shine brighter.

These are the experiences that make us grow and evolve in life. Even if they never end, the more layers I work with the more that I feel connected with my own essential being.  Emerging more aware every time.

Some of you know the work I already do as a therapist, using my hands and connecting with these subtle energies to help you heal. In the past months, I have felt a calling to bring my learnings to you through talks and exercises. That’s why I decided to create a workshop to share with you this knowledge and the techniques I learnt through my experiences.


In this workshop, I will talk about consciousness, self empowerment and living from the heart. I will also guide you through practical exercises that you can integrate in your daily life.

Have you ever thought how many times you think of something, feel another and then act in a totally different way?
The coherence among these 3 levels of our being is essential for us to reach our full potential, but yet society, family structures or mental patterns and belief systems prevent us from living and express our fullest self.

Imagine a world where every one was coherent in these 3 levels! And if we decide to go deeper, imagine how your life could be if you were in alignment with your body, soul and spirit.

We will work together to align these three levels : body, soul and spirit, which will allow you to go even deeper into your body, mind and soul aspects. You will learn techniques to ground yourself, live in the here and now, connect to your heart and discover your inner wisdom. By empowering yourself,  you will manifest your inner self in the soul level and  follow the path of self love.


It will be aweekend of nourishment and self exploration.

You will learn about
  • How to ground yourself
  • The importance of living in the here and now
  • How to empower yourself
  • How to take responsibility of your own life and create your own reality
  • How to live your life from the heart, connecting with your internal wisdom and your Higher Self
What can I expect?
The workshop will flow in three main stages, from your feet to your crown through the heart, following the natural flow of energy from the earth to allow you to connect to your inner wisdom and to your higher self.

Stage 1: Rooting yourself and living in the here and now

Awareness talk and exercises to integrate into your daily life

Stage 2: The empowerment of the self and how to take full responsibility of your own life

Talk and exercises

Stage 3: Living from the heart

Talk and exercises  

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