A Self Empowerment Weekend by Judit Yague




Dhasdæ, or the Trinity of the Self, is a workshop to align the three levels of our being.

It is a weekend retreat in the city, allowing you to spread the practice into two sessions.

One on Saturday from 10am to 6pm and one on Sunday from 10am to 3pm.

During these two days, I will guide you to ground yourself and connect with your heart and your highest wisdom. You will be able to co-create the life you really desire.

I will talk about consciousness, self empowerment and living from the heart. I will also share practical exercises that you can integrate in your daily life.

Get ready for a weekend of nourishment and self exploration.


You will learn about
  • How to ground yourself
  • How to achieve self-presence
  • The importance of living in the here and now
  • How to empower yourself
  • How to take responsibility of your own life and create your own reality
  • How to live your life from the heart, connecting with your internal wisdom and your Higher Self
What can I expect?

The workshop will flow in three main stages, from your feet to your crown through the heart, following the natural flow of energy from the earth to allow you to connect to your inner wisdom and to your higher self.

Stage 1: The Body 

You will be working on rooting yourself and living in the here and now, through talks and exercises you can integrate into your daily life. The purest act of self-love is to be fully present within yourself. This will prepare you to go into the next two deeper stages.

We will focus on grounding ourselves and learning to live in the present.


Stage 2: The Soul 

Acknowledging that you are the creator of your own existence gives you the understanding that you are the creator of your own life .With awareness talks and exercises, you will practice how to transcend mental patterns and belief systems from  past experiences and ancestral memories. You will move into empowering your Self, creating your own reality and living your life to its full potential.


Stage 3: The Spirit 

In this last stage,  you will integrate what you  have learnt in the previous stages in order to start living your life in connection with your highest wisdom and Divine Self. You will experience the stillness derived from expressing your pure essence.



Ticket details


*Cancellation terms:

If you cancel 30 days before the event, you will get a full refund.

If you cancel 15 days before the event, I will refund 50% of the ticket price.

If you cancel 7 days before the event, I will refund 25% of the ticket price.


What people who came to previous workshops said about their experience

I knew that Judit’s workshop would introduce me to ideas and experiences that were new to me. I was curious and also open to what the experience might hold. Perhaps the most profound moment for me was during a practice where we sat quietly and connected with our hearts. I had my hands over my sternum and felt very still inside. I had this strong sensation of an opening in the centre of my chest, like a portal, with light and energy flowing through. I felt for the first time my love for myself. I had always done all of the ‘love yourself’ things like buying flowers for my home, but these acts of ‘self love’ were not connected to a profound feeling of love for myself. Since the workshop I am practicing connecting with this deeper loving part of myself. I can see some things changing — some quite profound and some quite light. I am deeply grateful to Judit for sharing herself, her work and offering this space to explore. You helped me open up a place in myself I didn’t know existed.

LW London



An empowered me at the center of my universe clicked into place.

“Heart, laughter, secret gems, and a divine me, empowered at the center of my living world that sings to me”



An enriching and challenging workshop that invites us to walk close to our personal edge and emerge stronger for the experience…



Come to this workshop with an open-mind and curiosity and you will be rewarded.

Judit never judges and takes time to explain the process of the three parts of this workshop – body, soul and spirit – and answer every (sometime challenging) questions you might have. The benefits of it, though, is your privilege to find out and probably the beginning of one of the most important journey of your life: becoming a more grounded yet less “down to earth” person.
At the end of the workshop, you will undeniably feel lighter and at peace.


I am so blessed to have found this wonderful and gifted soul, Judit, in her home-town Ibiza.

.I attended a workshop, in July full moon eclipse (the blood moon) that was fully charged with transformative uplifting energy. . ☄️

The first evening, Judit managed to strip away all the stresses of city life and left us euphoric; I felt reborn with all senses heightened and quite literally feeling high. The second day ended very differently; with one sentence to me, Judit managed to cut straight to my core allowing some hard yet profound realisations.  Day three was like wearing a warm spiritual blanket woven with Chi-Kung (a gentle body work practise known as the ‘yoga’ of China) and lots and lots of laughter.



Thank you for such a magical, powerful day. When you said it would be life-changing, I didn’t believe you(!) But it really was. It was all the brilliant loving wisdom you offer in your massages with an added emphasis on how to bring the teaching into my life in a practical way. I loved the exercises and the way the day built and deepened. The sense of community was wonderful and by the end I felt really bonded with everyone. I have gone away with a feeling of what I want my life to look like in the future. It’s led by the heart and that’s really exciting. Please do another one soon!



Heart, laughter, secret gems, and a divine me, empowered at the center of my living world that sings to me



The workshop with Judit was transformational – her energy and insights are so real and powerful I came away feeling refreshed and grounded and ready for a new journey.

Judit takes you through various meditation self-grounding  techniques guiding you and giving you tools to take away so you can practice them in your daily routine.

 The workshop was fluid and organic and I highly recommend it to anyone- go with and open mind and heart ☺

Judit was amazing



Let me tell you about my own journey

Since I was a child I have always been very sensitive to subtle energies which, together with some events in my childhood, didn’t make my life at home or at school very easy. From an early age, I started an internal journey working with my emotions, mind patterns and belief systems that didn’t allow me to live up my life to my full potential.

Every time we work in a deeper layer of our self, we integrate and learn something new that allows our internal light to shine brighter.

These are the experiences that make us grow and evolve in life. Even if they never end, the more layers I work with the more that I feel connected with my own essential being.  Emerging more aware every time.

Some of you know the work I already do as a therapist, using my hands and connecting with these subtle energies to help you heal. In the past months, I have felt a calling to bring my learnings to you through talks and exercises. That’s why I decided to create a workshop to share with you this knowledge and the techniques I learnt through my experiences.